Death & Dying

Characters are knocked unconscious if they reach 0 hit points, or are dying if they are reduced below 0 hit points. There are no negative hit points, but any damage (including initial damage) that reduces a character below 0 hit points requires an immediate death save. The DC of a death save is equal to the amount of damage taken, the roll gaining a bonus equal to the character’s Constitution. For each turn the character is dying and each attack suffered the DC is increased by 2.
If a character is targeted by a specific attack while unconscious or dying, the attack is considered a coup de grace and the character is slain. Failed death saving throws are cumulative until an extended rest is taken. If a character fails three death saving throws, they die.

First Failed Save

The character receives ½ healing values until the end of their next extended rest.

Second Failed Save

The character stabilizes, but cannot be revived until the receive an extended rest without the aid of a spell designed to restore the character’s vigor.

Healing the Dying

A character is dazed until the end of their next turn if they are healed from a dying state. If the healing delivered is specifically designed to return an ally from a dying state or of a value equal to their bloodied value, they are not subject to this effect.

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Death & Dying

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