Sir Logan Gray


NAME: Sir Logan Gray

AGE: 27

RACE: Human
CLASS: Knight
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good
BACKGROUND: Knight/Survivor
TRUTH: Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be bold and upright, that Athar may love thee. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong.

MAX HP: 57
AC: 18
HIT: +9

str: 18
dex: 11
con: 12
int: 8
wis: 10
cha: 12

athletics: 9
diplomacy: 7
endurance: 7
healing: 6
religion: 4

ARMOR: Masterwork Full Plate BONUS: 8 CHECK: -6 WEIGHT: 50

WEAPON: Claymore +1 DAMAGE: 2d6 WEIGHT: 8
WEAPON: Short Sword DAMAGE: d6 WEIGHT: 2
WEAPON: Comp Short Bow DAMAGE: d6 WEIGHT: 2

Deadly Strike, Parry
Protector – Protect, Push, Knock Down

RESERVE POWER: Grant ally combat advantage, if your next attack misses (this turn) it does half damage. If bloodied, you can make an extra attack.

MOUNT: Light Horse NAME: Valor
HP: 19 AC: 13 SPEED: 60ft CARRY: 150/300/450 DRAG: 2250


Born in Heartsdwell, Logan lived at his family estate with his parents, Sir Lucien and Lady Genevra Gray. The Shivering changed the face of the world shortly before his seventh birthday, claiming the lives of his parents and collapsing much of his home. Members of the serving staff became the first looters of his family’s belongings (including his father’s sword) but certainly were not the last.

Orphaned, Logan survived for thirteen months on the streets, starving, stealing and squatting until his uncle, Sir Balian Sharpton, located the youth and brought him to Shadowdwell as his squire. There, Logan learned honor and warfare and loved his uncle like a second father.

When Logan was 22, Sir Sharpton was slain (alongside two other knights and several longtime companions Logan regarded as family) while guarding a merchant caravan from bandit attack. Logan took up his uncle’s sword and cut a path to freedom for several civilians. The bandits looted the caravan and took a few surviving women with them (who Logan vowed to free).

He was notably absent at his uncle’s funeral, having spent all the money he had to hire mercenaries and several skilled woodsmen to track the bandits to their camp. Logan executed a brutal surprise attack during the night, during which he engaged the bandit leader in single combat. Amidst the surrounding battle, Logan disarmed the leader, who was forming words of surrender when Logan cut his head off.

Seeing the foul treatment of the female hostages (combined with some tragedies witnessed while homeless), Logan is extremely protective of women. Returning victorious with several bandits (who were all hanged), Logan was knighted (his family’s pommel attached to his uncle’s sword) despite his personal struggle with knowing he killed a man who would have surrendered.

Logan believes in the power of laws to protect the innocent, but has seen the contrast between Hearthsdwell and Shadowdwell. He trusts his ability to discern right from wrong and strives every day to uphold his oath, to bring honor to the knighthood his father and his uncle held before him.

Sir Logan Gray

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