Claidheamh Mòr an Ri Fir'Cù

An ancient great sword recovered from the Shadow's Eye

weapon (melee)

Greatsword +1


This two-handed sword was forged about six inches longer than the normal from an unidentified alloy. The blade looks similar to polished steel but slightly darker with a duller gleam. It’s ring on impact is muted and it keeps a sharper edge that doesn’t nick. The design is relatively simplistic, a simple cross hilt, pommel and ricasso with no engravings, settings, or fancy etching.
The magic of the new sword is strange. There is a magical quality about the weapon but there appears to be no enchantment or charm placed on it. It is possible the sword is from an age so old that the world was more magical or perhaps its unfathomable time on this realm has transformed the mundane to magical.

Claidheamh Mòr an Ri Fir'Cù

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