These aren’t the gnolls we’re looking for?

These aren’t the gnolls we’re looking for? Right?

The skeletal abominations certainly didn’t seem open to parley. Still, it makes me wonder,” how long have there been gnolls here?” This ruined necropolis is old, maybe older than any human habitation in the ‘Dwell. The tall ceilings and large doors are sized to gnoll stature. Maybe they weren’t always vicious killers, or not “only” vicious killers. We found a shrine to Loki in the ruins so it’s unlikely they were farmers.

Whatever they were, they are now undead. Sir Grays’s exceptional tactics had us efficiently moving from room to room dispatching the monsters. With our only way out being forward, we didn’t want to leave any threats behind us. This excellent tactic we would abandon shortly. We headed down some stairs to find the structure even more ruined than the area above, with evidence that some force or creature had been burrowing through the stone. There was an alcove opposite the landing with large chunks missing from the wall, as a couple of doors nearby as well. We started with the door on the left, but the room behind was so filled with rubble that the door wouldn’t open.

“Say, did something move on the other side of that alcove wall?”

We took a look at the next door, and, after a tremendous amount of noise, managed to force it open. The room beyond was a wreck, but there was an interesting grate about 5 feet down a square shaft in the floor. That’s when the Umber Hulk showed up. The knight and wizard held off the beast while Jade and I worked on the grate, hoping it would be a way out. We levered it open revealing nothing but darkness. I reached for my lantern when everything went cold and shivery. Behind me was a hideous furless gnoll corpse with my blood on his claw. I finished my grab for the lantern and smashed onto the fiend then leapt into the dark dark pit. The rest is a little foggy. Someone landed next to me. I could hear their breath go out in a painful gasp and then, nothing. I prayed to Athar, and just kept on praying when faint torchlight intruded into the darkness. Wait, I know that guy, wasn’t he in the Black Rat?



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