Cut-Nose Adventure 5 Recap

Jacob Storm, treasure hunter.
This new name is going to take some getting used to. The Jacob part has been with me since before I was born; named for my mother’s grandfather. The Storm part of my name arrived with my birth, on account of the weather. My father was a soldier, but I was born a bastard. I guess I should be glad the gods decided to storm, Jacob Partly-Cloudy just doesn’t have the same ring to it. I haven’t used either name since the shivering, when a demon’s claw took half of my eight year old nose. Since then I have just been Cut-Nose.

This treasure hunter part, that’s new. Entering the town of Black Oak, despite my trepidation, was not a disaster. We were able to acquire all the things we might need for a journey out of the ‘dwell. But first, we are treasure hunters. That was the deal. Weapons, armor, food, warm clothes, and one share of treasure each or the grocer and blacksmith of Black oaks. In return, we face certain death for a treasure that ay not exits. It’s a pretty good deal. Since we are already facing certain death it’s like getting free stuff.
*Jacob Storm, the completely plastered
As names go, it’s not as impressive as treasure hunter, but it is immediately gratifying. It is amazing how eager these village were are for a good story. I determined to have a drink for each of our fallen comrades, each time I told their story. That turned out to be a lot of drinks. I was expecting to be burned at the stake, or at least run out of town, so being drunk under the table by a crowd of friendly villagers was a nice surprise.

Cut-Nose the Serf
Just when I thought things were looking up, I was reminded of just who, and what, I am. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. A clandestine meeting at the abandoned church in the middle of the night, what could possibly go wrong? What waited for us was the first lady of Back Oak. We should be pleased to bow down and fulfill her every whim. For just a moment I forgot I was a serf. When she asked us to look into the disturbing sounds coming from her husband’s study, I stupidly asked what she would do for us. “You will serve us or you will die,” well those weren’t her words exactly. She prettied it up a little as aristocratic type like to do. Maybe it helps them sleep at night. Whatever… If I die in that study tonight I am haunting this family until the end of time.



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